Thursday, May 19, 2016

NYC: Where I Lived Impacts How I Lived

When I lived in New York City, the physical and human characteristics impacted how I lived. Firstly, New York City is an island and it impacted my transportation choices. Then, the climate impacted the clothing I had to buy. Lastly, the museums and cultural places impacted the activities I would do in my spare time. Therefore, my time in NYC was different because of these physical and human characteristics.

There were so many physical characteristics that affected the way I lived. First of all, it is an island! I couldn't just walk to neighboring states. I had to take bridges and tunnels, which had expensive tolls. So it wasn't cheap to get to New York City or leave it. On the other hand, we can take ferries as a form of transportation, and really lovely beaches were nearby.

Did you know the winters in NYC are brutally cold? They are ridiculously cold. This would impact how I lived because I would need an arsenal of hats, gloves, scarves, and coats to help me through the winter. My closets were full of sweaters, warm pants, and socks. Bet you didn't know that summers in NYC are as humid as KL? It's true! You sweat all the time when you are walking around NYC. Therefore you need to also have dresses, shorts, and sandals to help you keep cool. Not every apartment has air conditioning, so people love to go to restaurants or cafes to enjoy the cool air con.

In NYC, we have so many museums and places with culture. If it was a rainy day, no need to stay inside your house! You can go see a play or look at art. During the summertime, many cultural events happen outside, so you don't have to miss a second of fresh air or sunshine. I recommend going to concerts in the park and outdoor art exhibitions to anyone visiting New York.

I hope you understand why my life was so different in New York. I had to adapt to living on an island, with seasons, and so many cultural things to do. I miss some things (like the museums), but don't miss others (like the brutal winter winds!). If you ever decide to move to New York, please know it is a unique place to live.

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