Thursday, March 17, 2016

3-2-1 Multiplying Fractions

4HR completed a Visible Thinking Routine about multiplying fractions. We recorded 3 thoughts or ideas, 2 questions, and 1 simile about multiplying fractions before we began learning about this concept. Here are some of thoughts, questions and similes.

I think the answer will get smaller when multiplying fractions.

It might be easy, it might be hard.

I think multiplying fractions is the same as multiplying. Adding and subtracting fractions were the same as with whole numbers.

Would it be the same or similar to multiplication with whole numbers?

How do we multiply fractions?

Multiplying fractions is like looking at yourself in the mirror because you double yourself.

Multiplying fractions would be as easy as doing nothing.

Go to this LearnZillion lesson to see what we did next!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Creating Line Plots

4HR is learning how to to use line plots to organize and display data. Are you curious about line plots? Here is a quick video to teach you more about making line plots.

What did we learn?
Line plots go from the smallest (or least) to the biggest (or most)
Use Xs to show how much or how often
It is similar to a graph (only x axis)
At the bottom, you need to label
At the top, there is a title

Today we will use line plots to interpret data on different athletes. On this site, we will make a line plot and determine the information it is telling us.

Our next step is to use these skills to help us interpret data in the real world! Watch out for our next steps.