Friday, May 20, 2016

Geometry Practice

Today we are going to practice our Geometry skills and strategies. Look at your "I Can" statements to determine which skills and strategies are most important to practice.

Geometric Shapes
I can look for, identify, and draw points, line segments, angles, and perpendicular lines and parallel lines in two-dimensional figures. Splash Math

Classifying Triangles
I can classify triangles as right angles or not. Splash Math

Area and Perimeter
I can use the area and perimeter formula. Ship Builder, Compare Area and Perimeter
I can use the formulas to solve problems. Area and Perimeter, Party Planner

I can explain that an angle is measured in degrees. - Estimating Angles, Hitting the Target
I can measure an angle using a protractor. - Protractor Game, Random Angle
I can use a protractor to create a given angle.
I can sketch angles when given a measurement. - Banana Hunt,
I can explain that the angle measurement is the sum of its decomposed angles.
I can write an equation with an unknown angle measurement. - Angles Games, Add and Subtract Angles
I can solve word problems involving unknown angles. Kung Fu Angles

Choose wisely!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

NYC: Where I Lived Impacts How I Lived

When I lived in New York City, the physical and human characteristics impacted how I lived. Firstly, New York City is an island and it impacted my transportation choices. Then, the climate impacted the clothing I had to buy. Lastly, the museums and cultural places impacted the activities I would do in my spare time. Therefore, my time in NYC was different because of these physical and human characteristics.

There were so many physical characteristics that affected the way I lived. First of all, it is an island! I couldn't just walk to neighboring states. I had to take bridges and tunnels, which had expensive tolls. So it wasn't cheap to get to New York City or leave it. On the other hand, we can take ferries as a form of transportation, and really lovely beaches were nearby.

Did you know the winters in NYC are brutally cold? They are ridiculously cold. This would impact how I lived because I would need an arsenal of hats, gloves, scarves, and coats to help me through the winter. My closets were full of sweaters, warm pants, and socks. Bet you didn't know that summers in NYC are as humid as KL? It's true! You sweat all the time when you are walking around NYC. Therefore you need to also have dresses, shorts, and sandals to help you keep cool. Not every apartment has air conditioning, so people love to go to restaurants or cafes to enjoy the cool air con.

In NYC, we have so many museums and places with culture. If it was a rainy day, no need to stay inside your house! You can go see a play or look at art. During the summertime, many cultural events happen outside, so you don't have to miss a second of fresh air or sunshine. I recommend going to concerts in the park and outdoor art exhibitions to anyone visiting New York.

I hope you understand why my life was so different in New York. I had to adapt to living on an island, with seasons, and so many cultural things to do. I miss some things (like the museums), but don't miss others (like the brutal winter winds!). If you ever decide to move to New York, please know it is a unique place to live.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Flipped Classroom!

4HR is learning about different geometric shapes and attributes. To help us get comfortable using the new vocabulary in class, let's practice at home.

For each concept, choose one way of finding out. Then, on Friday, bring in your Way to Show Your Learning.

All About Geometry
Watch BrainPop video
Glorious Geometry on Big Universe

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Watch BrainPop video
Stone Age Geometry: Lines on Big Universe

Line segment, Lines, Rays, and Points
Khan Academy tutorial
Lines Segments, Rays, and Angles on Big Universe

Angles: Acute, Obtuse, Right
Lines Segments, Rays, and Angles on Big Universe
Stone Age Geometry: Squares on Big Universe

Big Universe Log-in Information
Username: student panther apps

Password: student panther apps

Group Username: libiskl

Ways to Show Your Learning
1) Go on a geometry hunt. Find at least 15 objects that demonstrate different geometric attributes (parallel & perpendicular lines; acute, right and obtuse angles; lines, line segments, rays, and points). In a Google Slide or poster, includ a picture or drawing and identify each attribute.

2) Draw a piece of Art: In your beautiful drawing, include the following geometric attributes (parallel & perpendicular lines; acute, right and obtuse angles; lines, line segments, rays, and points). Make sure to label all the attributes.

3) Brain Pop shape sorter: Sort the shapes. Take a screen shot or print final results to bring in on Friday.

4) Your choice: Talk to Ms. Rich before Wednesday to have your choice approved.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Grade 5 Service Learning Fair

4HR attended the Grade 5 Service Learning Fair. The 5th graders had been inquiring into social issues and organizations since October. Today they presented their learning and actions with the Melawati community.

What we learned:

Ashton - Human trafficking sells body parts.
Colin - Body parts cost a lot of money from human trafficking, over $100,000
Jacob - same as Colin and Ashton
Tessel - Sun bears are very endangered.
Joshua - same as Colin and Ashton
Alicia - Sun bears can climb trees. I never knew what sun bears were!
Julie - Some 5th graders were helping 2nd graders be tuned into school.
Juliette - Rhinoceros only have 10 left.
Kaelyn - Syrian refugees had to run from their homes because of the war.
Aron - There is an island made of trash. That is bad.
Leila - Same as Julie.
Beckett - Melawati is not recycling enough things. We should recycle more.
Rea - Panda bears are endangered.
Mikaela - Same as Rea.
Linh - 7,700 seas animals die each year.
Jack - There is a sign on most cartons of juice or other products that says if they are recyclable.

What we could do next:

Start looking for recyclable sign on cartons to throw it in the correct bin. - Beckett & Jack
At lunch, we could remind people to put recyclables in the correct bins. We could start a little group to organize bottles and cartons. - Colin
Donate money to the SPCA. - Mikaela
Eat tuna, salmon, seaweed, but leave the others alone. Or stop eating fish. - Joshua, Jacob, Ashton
We can make a video about pandas and red pandas. - Juliette and Alicia
Write Ms. Cheng a letter that says we need to recycle more. - Tessel and Rea