Saturday, May 7, 2016

Grade 5 Service Learning Fair

4HR attended the Grade 5 Service Learning Fair. The 5th graders had been inquiring into social issues and organizations since October. Today they presented their learning and actions with the Melawati community.

What we learned:

Ashton - Human trafficking sells body parts.
Colin - Body parts cost a lot of money from human trafficking, over $100,000
Jacob - same as Colin and Ashton
Tessel - Sun bears are very endangered.
Joshua - same as Colin and Ashton
Alicia - Sun bears can climb trees. I never knew what sun bears were!
Julie - Some 5th graders were helping 2nd graders be tuned into school.
Juliette - Rhinoceros only have 10 left.
Kaelyn - Syrian refugees had to run from their homes because of the war.
Aron - There is an island made of trash. That is bad.
Leila - Same as Julie.
Beckett - Melawati is not recycling enough things. We should recycle more.
Rea - Panda bears are endangered.
Mikaela - Same as Rea.
Linh - 7,700 seas animals die each year.
Jack - There is a sign on most cartons of juice or other products that says if they are recyclable.

What we could do next:

Start looking for recyclable sign on cartons to throw it in the correct bin. - Beckett & Jack
At lunch, we could remind people to put recyclables in the correct bins. We could start a little group to organize bottles and cartons. - Colin
Donate money to the SPCA. - Mikaela
Eat tuna, salmon, seaweed, but leave the others alone. Or stop eating fish. - Joshua, Jacob, Ashton
We can make a video about pandas and red pandas. - Juliette and Alicia
Write Ms. Cheng a letter that says we need to recycle more. - Tessel and Rea

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