Friday, May 20, 2016

Geometry Practice

Today we are going to practice our Geometry skills and strategies. Look at your "I Can" statements to determine which skills and strategies are most important to practice.

Geometric Shapes
I can look for, identify, and draw points, line segments, angles, and perpendicular lines and parallel lines in two-dimensional figures. Splash Math

Classifying Triangles
I can classify triangles as right angles or not. Splash Math

Area and Perimeter
I can use the area and perimeter formula. Ship Builder, Compare Area and Perimeter
I can use the formulas to solve problems. Area and Perimeter, Party Planner

I can explain that an angle is measured in degrees. - Estimating Angles, Hitting the Target
I can measure an angle using a protractor. - Protractor Game, Random Angle
I can use a protractor to create a given angle.
I can sketch angles when given a measurement. - Banana Hunt,
I can explain that the angle measurement is the sum of its decomposed angles.
I can write an equation with an unknown angle measurement. - Angles Games, Add and Subtract Angles
I can solve word problems involving unknown angles. Kung Fu Angles

Choose wisely!

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