Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One Day, Many Holidays

Today people of different faiths are celebrating different holidays. Muslims have begun the annual pilgrimage to Mecca called the Hajj. In Malaysia, we celebrate Hari Raya Haji. Jews, who believe in Judaism, are celebrating Yom Kippur. Let's learn more about these important holidays and rituals.

Hajj 360 video

Yom Kippur ceremony and rituals

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sorting Out Information about Beliefs and Values

Yesterday, we found out some key information about the three major religions in Malaysia: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Today we are going to be using BrainPop to answer our individual questions.

1) It is important to identify your curiosities.

2) Then choose a video that you think will give you more information.

3) Record this new information on your note taking sheet.

What did we learn?
Adam: Does Ravanna control all 10 of his heads? Or do his heads have different souls. Ranvir told me Ravanna controls all his heads.
Jacob: When/where did these religions originate? Hinduism (1,500 BC) and Buddhism (4th or 5th century BC) in India, Islam in Saudi Arabia (610 -632 AD)
Linh: Where does the swatik come from? India, but I am curious about where in India.
Colin: What do Hindus celebrate? Diwali, Deepavali
Beckett: Why is Buddhism one of the largest in numbers? It spread to China from India, so a lot more people believe.
Jack: How many types of thilaks are there? Ranvir showed me two.
Rea: What does Aum or Om mean? It is a Hindu symbol and comes from India.
Juliette: What does the swatik mean? It is connected to __________.
Leila: What is Hinduism? It is a religion that some Indians practice.
Aron: What do we call people who don't believe in gods or supernatural? I found out they are called atheists.
Alicia: Why do we celebrate Deepavali? To remember the return of the ancient king Rama and his defeat of Ravanna.
Mikaela: Why do Hindus wear thilak? Ranvir told me it shows respect to the gods and on praying days and celebrations.
Joshua: Why is Hanuman so important? Is Hanuman the monkey king? I found out Hanuman is the monkey king, and he is important because he helped Rama to defeat Ravanna.

Still curious about:
Linh: Where does the swatik come from?
Tessel: Why do most Hindu gods have an animal?
Jack: I am wondering if there are more than two types of thilaks.
Rea: Where does Om come from in India?
Leila: What is Buddha?
Julie: What animals do Hindu gods have?
Alicia: Why did they chop of Ganesha's head and replace it with an elephant?
Ranvir: Bhaidooj, what is this? I saw it on BrainPop.

Rounding Songs

4HR has been learning about the purpose and rules for rounding. To help us remember when to round up and round down, we made catchy songs with dance moves. Hope these help you remember when to "let it go" or "give it a shove"! For extra practice, go to these websites.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What Do Ads Tell Us about Beliefs and Values?

We are inquiring into the beliefs and values of our families, our classroom, and our school. One way to find out about beliefs and values is to look at advertising. What does this advertisement tell us about the beliefs and values of Disney World?

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Story of One

The Story of 1 (One the number) from OReilly on Vimeo.

Here is the video we have been watching on place value. It will help us understand how the base 10 number system is used to represent numbers and number relationships.

Think about the questions we have been investigating:

What are numbers? 
How is the base ten system organized?

Breathing Technique

To promote mindfulness during our performance, we practiced deep breathing. Go to this website to watch a peaceful movie that promotes deeper breathing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Writing Blog Posts

Today 4HR is reading blog posts and deciding what makes a blog post excellent. We have read three exemplars and compared them. We asked ourselves What information should a blog post have? and What should a blog post look like? In groups, we recorded our ideas on post-its to share with the whole class. Then, we created a blog checklist to help bloggers always write excellent posts.

Soon 4HR will be blogging! It is important that we know what to include and what to avoid. Our purpose for blogging is to attract an audience and share information. If we write posts that are hard to read, understand, or look at, then our audience might not learn from the post. We take our blogging seriously!

In the future, help us by commenting on what we did well and what we can improve on! It takes helpful editors and peer revisers to make sure our blog posts are excellent.

Image source

Writing Blogs

Today 4HR learned how to write blogs posts. We looked at examples and decided which were the best. Of course this blog post is the best! Can you tell me why it is the best?

We need to make a checklist! That will help everyone know what to do. Can you help me? What should we include on the checklist?

I want to start blogging soon, but making sure we know what to do is important. Also, help me edit and revise!!!

Sincerely, 4HR


Today we looked at blogs. They were all great. I can't wait to start blogging!!!! The End.