Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Writing Blog Posts

Today 4HR is reading blog posts and deciding what makes a blog post excellent. We have read three exemplars and compared them. We asked ourselves What information should a blog post have? and What should a blog post look like? In groups, we recorded our ideas on post-its to share with the whole class. Then, we created a blog checklist to help bloggers always write excellent posts.

Soon 4HR will be blogging! It is important that we know what to include and what to avoid. Our purpose for blogging is to attract an audience and share information. If we write posts that are hard to read, understand, or look at, then our audience might not learn from the post. We take our blogging seriously!

In the future, help us by commenting on what we did well and what we can improve on! It takes helpful editors and peer revisers to make sure our blog posts are excellent.

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  1. Ideas - describing what happened, included lots of information, identified next steps
    Organization - in paragraphs
    Word Choice - very descriptive, variety
    Sentence Fluency - variety of lengths, variety of beginning words
    Punctation - used only a few exclamation marks, the rest are periods or commas
    Professional - doesn't leave the reader hanging