Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sorting Out Information about Beliefs and Values

Yesterday, we found out some key information about the three major religions in Malaysia: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Today we are going to be using BrainPop to answer our individual questions.

1) It is important to identify your curiosities.

2) Then choose a video that you think will give you more information.

3) Record this new information on your note taking sheet.

What did we learn?
Adam: Does Ravanna control all 10 of his heads? Or do his heads have different souls. Ranvir told me Ravanna controls all his heads.
Jacob: When/where did these religions originate? Hinduism (1,500 BC) and Buddhism (4th or 5th century BC) in India, Islam in Saudi Arabia (610 -632 AD)
Linh: Where does the swatik come from? India, but I am curious about where in India.
Colin: What do Hindus celebrate? Diwali, Deepavali
Beckett: Why is Buddhism one of the largest in numbers? It spread to China from India, so a lot more people believe.
Jack: How many types of thilaks are there? Ranvir showed me two.
Rea: What does Aum or Om mean? It is a Hindu symbol and comes from India.
Juliette: What does the swatik mean? It is connected to __________.
Leila: What is Hinduism? It is a religion that some Indians practice.
Aron: What do we call people who don't believe in gods or supernatural? I found out they are called atheists.
Alicia: Why do we celebrate Deepavali? To remember the return of the ancient king Rama and his defeat of Ravanna.
Mikaela: Why do Hindus wear thilak? Ranvir told me it shows respect to the gods and on praying days and celebrations.
Joshua: Why is Hanuman so important? Is Hanuman the monkey king? I found out Hanuman is the monkey king, and he is important because he helped Rama to defeat Ravanna.

Still curious about:
Linh: Where does the swatik come from?
Tessel: Why do most Hindu gods have an animal?
Jack: I am wondering if there are more than two types of thilaks.
Rea: Where does Om come from in India?
Leila: What is Buddha?
Julie: What animals do Hindu gods have?
Alicia: Why did they chop of Ganesha's head and replace it with an elephant?
Ranvir: Bhaidooj, what is this? I saw it on BrainPop.

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