Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Researching about Natural Resources

4HR is beginning our summative assessment for our Where you live impacts how you live unit. We will be sharing our learning about:
Resources: natural, capital, human
Needs & Wants
Trade & Scarcity
Supply & Demand
Consumers & Producers

After choosing a natural resource to investigate, each student will use their Nonfiction reading skills to find important information. Here are our list of resources to use:

username: panthers 

Choose to read at Elementary level first. You can choose to challenge yourself at the Middle or High school level after getting the important information from the Elementary level. This resource will be the most helpful, so start and stay here!

Username: student panther apps

Password: student panther apps

Group Username: libiskl

Your resource may have its own book on Big Universe. This your second stop for researching. 

Appropriate Google Search

This is the last resort for finding information. You will need to take your time sorting through information, too high, too low reading levels, and unimportant details. Use the other resources first.
-Oil for kids
-Oil - natural resource

Trade Routes

Trade Map

This resource is tricky to use, but gives you great information about the consumers of your country's natural resource. 

Other possibilities -no guarantee of finding anything related to your research.

Country Profile- National Geographic - Can read to find out what natural resources the country has.

Natural Resource - World Map 2

Our investigations
Sean, Connor & Jamie - diamonds in Canada
Zaaviar & Sissi, Carmen, Emily- gold in China
Miguel - fruit in Spain
Mason - gold in California
Victoria, Eva & Carol - lumber
Ryan & Mihir- diamonds in Botswana
Sarah - Iron in the UK
Caimi - UK
Sarah - cattle
Elin - lumber in Nordic countries
ZY - fishing in Norway
Amaan - diamonds in Russia

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