Friday, September 2, 2016

Finding our Values

4HR is exploring beliefs, values, cultures, and traditions in our current Social Studies unit. We began by exploring what 4HR values. We found out that we really value:

Understanding     Learning    Respect     Care     Listening     Collaboration     Fun & Enjoyment

Next we looked at ourselves. We arranged these statements in order from most important to least important, and analyzed our responses to determine our individual values.

I try to understand what other people are feeling.
I am as important as everyone else.
Everyone else is equal to me but different from me.
I know what is fair and not fair. I try to do the right thing.
I look after the environment and don’t waste things.
I try to help others and not fight with them.
I have my own ideas but can alter them when I realize they were wrong.
I want to learn more about the world.
I think I can change things in the world.
What would your responses be?

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