Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Learning about Caves

4HR went on our field trip to the Batu Caves today. We investigated the following questions:

What changes have happened? And who/what caused those changes?

Here is what we found out.

Alicia - The farmers put dynamite in the cave and blew it up. So the floor was a lot deeper than it was naturally (before).

Jack - They did this to find limestone (or dinosaur fossils). The limestone was valuable for cement.

Julie - Humans carved their names into the walls.

Questions to be answered: Is limestone valuable because it is a sedimentary rock? Or it is shiny?

Omar - Water used to be in the cave by coming through holes.

Ranvir - Acid water causes a change in the cave by making holes.

Ashton - This is how stalactites and stalagmites are formed. Over a hundred million years, it will form a column.

Rea - Acid rain has a special kind of carbon dioxide that has calcium.

Kaelyn - Water drips from a stalactite to make a stalagmite.

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